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Welcome to Anglo Photography Studios

My name is Ivano, I am a dad and family portrait, beauty and fashion photographer with twenty years experience. My work has been published in national newpapers and magazines such as The Guardian, The Independent and Cosmopolitan.

I have recently opened a studio near my home in Kingston upon Thames to bring quality photography at affordable prices to families like mine in South West London, Surrey and beyond.

Why choose me? Because my studio portraits are of the same high standard of my best editorial and advertising photography.
Also because I am myself a parent of two young children and in all my photo shoots I strive to capture the energy and the special bond which makes each family unique.

Beyond the striking image quality at the core of my pictures is the love which bounds us all to our parents, to our own children and to our siblings.

My sets of colour and black and white images are crafted through a combination of fun poses, props, wardrobe changes, lighting effects, close-ups and full length shots. I like my young (and older) clients to express themselves and be playful on set because I believe that great portraits are achieved when the little ones are allowed to be themselves.

You will be encouraged to bring as many props as you can from home and pets are also welcome (with the exclusion of living bears, tigers and gruffalos…).

I LOVE to have fun while unleashing my creative talents. I am innovative in my approach to family portraiture photography and I create spontaneous and stylish portraits in a relaxed and enjoyable studio atmosphere.
I take great pride in creating images which no doubt will make all your friends and relatives say ‘WOW!’.

You choose to have your family photoshoot at Anglo Photography Studios because you want to celebrate your family and your children with the best quality images to treasure forever,  for a true lifetime of amazement.


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